Review: Canna Trading Co. CBD Full Spectrum Gel Capsules


Canna Trading Company offers CBD Full Spectrum Gel capsules. These capsules are a convenient and effective alternative to CBD tinctures. Capsules are easy to use and be included into one’s daily vitamin regimen.

Each CBD Full Spectrum Gel Capsules bottle contains 750 mg of full-spectrum CBD which amounts to 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD per capsule. Other ingredients include vegetarian capsules, MCT oil, and non-GMO corn starch.

Full Spectrum CBD oil has been shown to provide health benefits by interacting with our biological system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In doing so, it helps the ECS system run smoothly by promoting the body’s production of endocannabinoids.

Why are endocannabinoids important in our bodies? The ECS system is a molecular system that is important for the regulation and balance of several processes in our body including the immune response, cellular communication, metabolism, memory, appetite, and more. Continue reading →

Canna Trading Co - 3 Treatments Bundle

Review: Canna Trading Co. CBD Tincture Bundle

This bundle includes three 1 oz. bottles of their best-selling products:

  • Anxiety Calming CBD Tincture
  • Inflammation Reducing CBD Tincture
  • Sleep Aid CBD Tincture


Canna Trading Company has been continuously making efforts to bring genuine and comparatively cheaper CBD offerings to your doorstep. The CBD Tincture Bundle is another such offering which aims to offer 3 treatments of CBD tinctures at a discounted rate. The three treatments include: an Anxiety Calming CBD tincture, an Inflammation Reducing CBD tincture, and a Sleep Aid CBD tincture.

Treatment 1:  Anxiety Calming CBD Tincture

When taken during the periods of increased anxiety, this tincture can aid your body in producing a natural calming effect. It is made up of a proprietary blend of hemp extract and plant-based terpenes which provide an effective formulation. Continue reading →

How to Use CBD Oil for Diabetes

There’s no doubt that CBD is the new wellness product and focus of cannabis research. Nowadays, CBD is the most trending ingredient in natural products and is known as the best natural alternative for modern pain killers.

Where its legal, coffee shops use CBD in lattes, beauty brands release CBD-enriched lotions and spas offer CBD massages. Even the local pharmacies and supplement shops have a great selection of CBD for people who prefer using natural remedies for treating anxiety and chronic pain.

But first things first, do you know what CBD is? Continue reading →

How to Use CBD Oil for Back Pain

The advancements in the field of science have brought about cures and treatments for many ailments that were once untreatable. A number of pathogenic diseases that were thought to be fatal can now be controlled by a single vaccine. Then there were several chronic conditions that, although quite simple to understand, were beyond relief because of the lack of biochemical knowledge.back pain

Such conditions include chronic pains which are now being relieved by those who comprehend the biochemical nature of the human body. One of these emerging products includes cannabinoids. Continue reading →

Hemp Oil CBD Products – Are Hemp Oil and CBD Oil the Same Thing?

Hemp oil & CBD oil

Taueeqrsaad [CC BY-]

Ever had someone tell you to try CBD oil or hemp oil to alleviate chronic pain? When looking for natural remedies, you are sure to come across hemp oil CBD products. In layman’s language, hemp oil and CBD oils are interchangeable terms but they are completely different oils that are used in their own way. One major difference is where they originate or are derived from. Continue reading →